Are you in need of a good plumbing company for your upcoming building? Does your home or office have a fault in the plumbing system? Well look no more! Power Constructions CR are here for your every need. We offer high quality plumbing installations and repairs that will ensure you won’t need another plumber many more years.

We are built around the Motto that quality work and customer satisfaction come first and thus have gained a good reputation over the years for our works.

Why us?

1)Skilled workmanship.

At power constructions CR, all our workers are certified well trained and highly skilled to ensure that the quality of our work is not compromised. The workers also undergo a mandatory training and workshop regularly to ensure they sharpen their skills and learn new techniques and trends in the market. This ensures that we are able to deliver quality work for each client irrespective of the designs requested.

2)Free quotes.

Working blind on a project may result in an incomplete or shady work. We offer free quotes to the clients on the possible cost of the project he/she is requesting so that they may assess their budget and determine if they can afford it. This helps both the client and us to plan ahead on the kind of setbacks or sacrifices we will need to make during the process.

3)No discrimination!

Does your piping system leak? Or is your drainage system blocked? We do not discriminate any of the client’s jobs as too small, rather will send in someone to fix this for you and also offer some recommendations that may be effective for your home. Plumbing for commercial buildings are also treated with the same measure ensuring that every customer is satisfied with the service delivery.

4)Amazing Customer Care!

Our team of customer care is well trained and skilled to help you with any problems that you may have. They are available at any time of day and night and will be able to book you an appointment or advise you on a good solution to your problem.

5)Value for your Money.

At Power Constructions CR, we believe that it is our duty to ensure that none of the money you invest in us will go waste. We therefore ensure that we deliver quality work and even bring in a professional designer to advise you on the best designs for the installations. All this is done at a very competitive price!

More services.

Besides piping and other plumbing services, we also provide bathroom and tubs fittings and repairs while ensuring routine maintenance checks for the installations done. We also install water boilers for homes and commercial places at a very pocket-friendly price.


Whether your home and office need repairs, installations or maintenance, Power Constructions have proved to be more than effective to deliver quality work for you.  Our reputation speaks for us and our portfolio shows samples of what you are missing out on! If you want quality plumbing, choose quality plumbers!