Colours have been known to affect the moods of a person, with each colour invoking a different feeling. This means that the colour of your home or office will greatly affect your performance. As a result, is important to critically asses the colours to be painted in your home or office.

At Power Constructions Cr, we have a well-trained team of expert painters who are in the know of the different colour combinations that will bring out the best appearance and feelings in different rooms.

How does colour affect your mood?

Depending on the purpose of a room, different colours will affect your performance in those rooms. The colour Red is mainly associated with hunger, excitement and even stress. Blue has been associated with a serene, calm and peaceful feeling.

White is linked with cleanliness while the colour yellow is assumed to stimulate thinking and increase metabolism. Green is associated with a tranquil and peaceful feeling while black is linked to a feeling of depression.

Why Power Constructions CR Limited?

1.Experience and Skilled painters.

The effects of painting on a room have proved to be more than just on the appearance and thus, you need to ensure that the contractor hired is skilled and competent to determine the best colours for your home or office.  With our team of trained painters, you are assured that your house will be completely transformed.

Their experience and regular training ensure that they are able to combine different colours seamlessly to produce the perfect room colour!

2.Good reputation

We have quickly gained a good reputation among our clients who have been satisfied with the quality of services that we offer.  Most of the feedback we have received has been positive and thus encouraging us to strive and deliver even more excellent works! If you ask around, I am sure you will hear various positive testimonials!

3.Affordable prices.

At Power Constructions, we know that sometimes you, may be working under a very limited budget and thus we endeavour to do that with you.  We, therefore, offer very competitive prices in the market, while ensuring that we do not compromise the quality of our work. Our aim is to ensure that you get the value for your money.

4.Quality! Quality Work.

Quality paintings, requires the use of the right colours, the right paint, the right method, and even the right application procedures.  As a company that believes in quality work, you can be assured that your expectations for the painting will be satisfied if not exceeded.

Extra Services.

The painting surfaces may at times be too rough to allow a smooth painting experience. For best results, we ensure that we do the scraping and sanding for you. We also involve different designers if needed to ensure that your house makes the perfect blends of colour both the interior and exterior.


We all dream of the perfect colours for our homes or even office. It’s high time we stop the dream and actually realised it. Trust us for the perfect painting services!