For your home or commercial constructions to retain their initial blazing appearance, they need to be subjected to regular maintenance. Each system from the electrical, plumbing, carpentry and even painting needs quality maintenance.

At Power Constructions CR, we provide property maintenance services for both private homes and commercial offices, with every work grounded on our aim of superseding your expectations.

What do we do?

We offer a wide range of services ranging from plumbing, Carpentry, Drainage, House and Garden clearance, roofing, Electrical installations, and even painting. We maintain all these systems and also fix the systems that may need repair.

We do not discriminate any job as small or big but treat each of our clients' queries and problems as equally important. We also give advice to our clients on better methods and trends that when applied may limit future problems they may experience.

Why you’ll enjoy working with us.

1.Fast Response!

With our dedicated team of customer care help, your queries and problems are scheduled and assigned an expert to your location in under 24hrs! This ensures that you won’t have to wait for days to get an electrician or plumber to look into your problems!


All our workers from the field workers to the desk help workers undergo regular training to ensure that they are able to deliver quality and professional services. We also ensure that all the workers we hire are well trained and certified to ensure they are able to deliver quality work. The regular training and re-training, informs them of the current trends in the market and ensures they are able to carry out their work effectively.


Our workers are trained to ensure that the projects assigned are delivered within the timespan agreed. Furthermore, the work is monitored and supervised 24/7 by the office team to ensure that none of the client’s agreement is violated.  We also ensure that the maintenance is done to suit the preference and likes of the clients. All this is done while the integrity of our quality is still upheld.

4.Use of modern Equipment.

As the world is changing, equipment with better accuracy and efficiency are constantly being brought into the market. At Power Construction CR Limited, we endeavour to ensure that our equipment is of the best and latest quality to satisfy the client's needs.

5.Safety measures!

Maintenance to us means that your safety is the priority. As a result, we have trained our workers in various safety techniques that may be implemented during their maintenance projects. This is to ensure that none of our clients will stand at risk in case there occurs a fault in the system.

We also advise our clients on safer ways of handling dangerous systems such as Electricity and plumbing.


If you want your property to stand out, then you have to have an outstanding maintenance team. Power Constructions CR is a team willing to ensure you achieve this dream. Make the smart choice today and let us walk with you!