Loft Conversion.

Is your house too small to accommodate a guest room? Do you need a personal room for your office or even more space for your storage? Converting your loft or attic that you don’t use into a room you can use is a great of increasing more space for your home.

Power Construction CR offers loft conversion services and is among the best companies in the business. We have a well-trained team that is dedicated to delivering quality work. 

Benefits of Loft Conversions.

1.It saves you the cost of moving.

Moving to new houses is one of the most stressful and costly experiences. Loft conversion allows you to gain an extra room in case you need more room in the house which can be used for your desired purpose. It also saves you the cost of looking for a new job or new school for your kids in case you had moved out!


2.Adds Value to the property.

Converting your loft to a room means that the house gains one more room and therefore more value. Statistics have shown that houses with more rooms tend to be of higher value and fetch good prices in the market. The extra room can also be rented out thus allowing you to earn some money before actually selling the house!

3.Better lighting in the House.

When done by professionals, the use of sun tunnels or Velux roof windows in loft conversion could result in better natural lighting in the house. Natural lighting is known to have a beautifying effect on your home and also improve your moods.

4.No need for an Extension!

Home extensions may not be suitable in some circumstances and may mean that you have to use some of your outdoor space. A loft conversion is much cheaper and doesn't eat into your outdoor space thus ensuring you get more space without sacrificing much.

Why Choose us?

1.Skilled Craftsmen.

At Power Constructions CR, we have ensured that all our builders are well-trained, certified and experienced so that the quality of services we offer can be unparalleled. We also go the extra mile of ensuring that they go through regular refresher training to ensure that their skills are still top notch.

2.Good Local Reputation.

Since the offset of the company, we have received very positive feedback from our clients who were impressed by our work ethics and professionalism while ensuring customer satisfaction. This has built us a good reputation in the local area and motivated us to keep going and even improve our services.

3.Guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Our mission as Power Construction CR is to meet your expectations if not supersede them. We, therefore, strive our level best to deliver just that by ensuring that we work hand in hand with the client to design their preferred styles and designs and advise them on the most appropriate choices. All this is summed up with quality assurance of the work.


The home you are living in can easily be transformed into that dreamed house you always wanted if left in the hands of dedicated and expert contractors. Trust Power Constructions CR, and let us transform your home!