Electricity has well become one of the most important things we cannot afford to live without. It is, however, a bad master if not properly installed or handled. This means that you have to ensure that the electrical installations, repairs, and maintenance for your home or office should be done by professionals. 

At Power constructions CR, we are a team dedicated to ensuring that you live and work in the safest environment. Whether you need to install, repair or maintain your electrical systems, we are the right guys for the job.

Why Power Constructions CR?

1.Good reputation.

Based in London, we have gained a very good reputation in the area for the quality work we deliver. We have completed many projects within the area and received high praise from the clients, thus encouraging us to work even harder in attaining customer satisfaction. The reputation has also been attributed to the level of professionalism that is displayed during the working hours.

2.Highly skilled and certified Staff.

We understand that electricity can easily cause death or destruction of property if not properly installed and thus, have taken cautionary measures by ensuring that all our electricians are highly trained and certified by the government. We also subject the electricians to compulsory regular retraining to guarantee that their skills are not rusty and they are informed of the latest trends in the market.

3.Well equipped.

It can be frustrating to hire an electrician who is not well equipped and thus has to stop working to look for different tools every now and then. As a result, we have ensured that all our electricians are fully equipped with the necessary equipment to deliver quality work on time. Whether the installation and repair are in big commercial industries or small homes, we have just the resources you need.

4.Moderate prices.

Your budget may be the only limiting factor in completing your dream house or office. We strive to ensure that this is not the case by setting the most competitive and pocket-friendly prices in the market while delivering quality work to ensure you can achieve your dreams! Call our customer care today, and they’ll happily explain to you our offers.

5.No discrimination!

We sometimes disregard some faults in the electrical installations as too small to alert an electrician. This Faults, however, may end up causing bigger damages. At Power Constructions CR, we consider every fault as important and thus whether you have a big or small project you can trust us for your installations.

More Services.

Besides electrical installations, our team is prepared to handle any repairs or maintenance issues you may be experiencing.  We also offer consultancy services where we advise our clients on the best solutions to their constructions.


At power constructions, we are always looking for ways to improve the quality of services we offer and thus, would never compromise our quality for anything else! You no longer have to bear with poor constructors and shady installations. Try us today!