Are you thinking of renovating your home? Have you started building your house and are unsure of the interior design? Power Constructions CR may just be the answer to all your worries.  Whether you need new wooden staircases, wardrobe, railings or even kitchen joineries, we have always got your back!

At Power Constructions CR, we offer some of the best joinery services in the country by ensuring that our work is of top-notch quality. We also make it our aim to ensure that we are in the know of the latest designs and constructions in the market ensuring that our workers are always up to date.

Why choose us?

1)Quality Assured.

Being in the industry for some years now, our secret to success has always been the quality of the work we do. We ensure that our constructions won’t just last until your children use it but until your great grandchildren do. Our Mission is to ensure that we not only attain your expectations but supersede it and satisfy your needs.

1.Highly skilled joiners.

To ensure that our work delivery is on point, we have endeavored to ensure that we hire well trained and highly skilled workers for our task force. We also ensure they undergo regular training to ensure that they are in the know of the current trends and styles in the market and that they sharpen their skills in the process. This has ensured that from the desk office to the work site, the client is met by professionals only.

2)24/7 availability.

Whether you need help during the weekdays or weekends, at night or during the day, our lines are always open and our workers always ready to help in the best way possible. We also give quick estimates during these times. Don’t shy away from that phone, give us a call and transform your whole outlook!

3)No discrimination!

Is your staircase broken, or one of the kitchen joineries broken? Consult us so that we may help you fix it. At power constructions CR, we believe that no job is too big or too small for us. Each of the jobs we do no matter how small or big it may seem is treated with the utmost care and given the best quality service.